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Driven by an instinctual design ability and innate passion, Joseph Jeup embodies exceptional craftsmanship. He believes that every detail is a design opportunity and, above all, that uncompromising standards yield incomparable results.

It is this heartfelt philosophy that has helped establish Jeup as an artist and has fostered a devout following among those who value his pieces and regard them as functional art.
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For Jeup, his craft is not simply about creating a product. It’s about designing pieces that define lifestyles and redefine luxury. An engineer as well as a designer, the namesake embraces the two equally and uses that knowledge to tackle design from a broad perspective, able to see the many sides of any given project. It’s what compels him as both a craftsman and artist, and what distinguishes his furniture.

Jonathan Browning’s lighting is truly jewelry for a room ! Let him do the same for your windows.

Jonathan Browning Studios, Inc. designs and produces the highest quality cast bronze lighting and products for interior designers and architecture firms worldwide. The aesthetic of the product is Classic Modern: Clean, bold, and simple with a nod to early 20th century French design. It is a collection of fixtures that take inspiration from the best of French industrial and Decorative Arts of the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s.Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.08.11 PM